Fused Glass E-Book Review

I just finished reading Bob Leatherbarrow’s fused glass e-book Introduction to kilnformed glass powders.

LGS Introduction to Kilnformed Powders
LGS Introduction to Kilnformed Powder












First if you follow my blogs and newsletters, you know I took a class from Bob in May 2015 regarding this very topic. Second, I’ve also taken other classes that have incorporated these concepts. Third, I love the “crackle” technique. It’s so organic and full of texture, I just love it. Taking Bob’s class was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Which is why I didn’t hesitate buying the e-book. Bob is a fabulous teacher; patient, thorough, and a fantastic sense of humor.

In this e-book Bob did not disappoint. It is wonderful from cover to cover. Perfect explanations, tips, pictures, and schedules. He provides the details of why and how in addition to encouraging people to expand and experiment. I love his statement of why he put details in the eBook “I also need to know how and why something works. Once I understand the process, I can fix mistakes. Mistakes (aka experience) are part of the learning process. However repeating the same mistake and not understanding why leads to frustration. I always want to learn from my mistakes.” Such an empowering statement.
The only thing disappointing is now that I’ve read Bob Leatherbarrow’s e-book Introduction to kilnformed glass powders is the realization that I’ll have to wait for his next eBooks: Intermediate Kilnformed Glass Powders: Pebbles, Oriented and Colour Filled Vein Textures and Advanced Kilnformed Glass Powders: Blending Powders, Veins, and Encased Crackle Textures

Oh the pain of waiting. 🙂

Here are some of the pieces I made with Bob’s crackle technique! (During class, most of mine I’ve either sold or they are packed up from my last show). BTW these are such touchable pieces. When people come to my booth I’m always like touch it. Sometimes I put the texture on the top and sometimes on the bottom but either way they are always fabulous!!








Thank you Bob and Liesbeth! Fantastic E-book hopefully you won’t torture us too long waiting for the next installment!

Keeping my kiln warm


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