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fused glass drops
my first drops







A few years ago I took a class and learned how to create fused glass drop vases. I really enjoyed the class and made 2 beautiful vases. Problem is when I got home I made a couple but broke them when I cut the rim off. So I bought an ebook and still broke them. So last month when I took my class from Amanda and Lance I found out what I was doing wrong.

So when I got home from my class I made some glass ingots to make some drop vases. The thing about fused glass drop vases is you have to watch them and they take a while to make. Not only that there are several steps to finish them (i.e., coldwork).

First you have to make a glass ingot (a slab or block of glass) then you put it in the kiln on a drop ring (a mold with a hole in it). Then you fire it again and watch it until it drops to what you want.  Of course the glass drops at different speeds so some are deeper than others. But that’s the fun in it. After dropping it you let it set then cut the rim off (here is where I mad my mistakes in the past).

A fused glass drop before taking the ring off
A fused glass drop before taking the ring off
A fused glass drop before taking the ring off
A fused glass drop before taking the ring off














After taking the rim off you sand smooth the edge, this was much easier in NY because they had a huge flat lap, but I have a small lap top and a wet belt sander.  I also use my hand sanders and my sandblaster. Then of course I put a little flat spot on the bottom to make them stand!

Here are a few of them and aren’t they so beautiful!! These pictures just don’t do them justice. They are really something.


drop4 drop2 drop1a






I’ve also been playing around with drop vase (from my class) I can’t wait to finish them up and show them to you but they take several steps.

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