Fused Glass – Drop Holes

I’ve written about my fused glass drop vases a few times. This post is about the part of the vase I cut off, I call them the Fused Glass “holes”. Most fused glass artists make the rims out of clear and just toss them but I make the entire piece beautiful. In the past I just cut them up and make jewelry, but that’s a lot of jewelry. Here are a few with the holes cut off and the vases beside them

There are a lot of things I can make with the Fused Glass “holes”, one thing it depends on is the the size of the hole. I made a couple into windchimes. I think it’s a fun way to use them. Some I cut to make it more unique and added decals and the last one I cut in half and added the canes I made.

I liked making the Fused Glass “hole” windchimes so much I made more chimes, so if you want one of the windchime bases but want different chimes I can do that easily.

I also made a few mirrors with some of the Fused Glass “holes” I like the mirrors, they can be made to hang or just sit in a display.

One of my favorite ways to use the smaller Fused Glass “holes” is candle holders or they can be used as ikebana vase as well, it really depends on the size of the whole the flower frog has to fit in the base.

One of my favorite ways to use the Fused Glass “holes” is to make frames. They can be hung or put into stands.

This piece below is pretty freaking cool. I fused it to a clear piece of glass then I put on a piece of metal. Then I can put anything on the front that I want to i.e., the flower on the left side or a mirror on the right side. My issue with making more like this is the clear has to be the same COE and I don’t always remember what type of glass I used.

I have another Fused Glass “hole”, now the hard part – what do I make with it? The hole is too big for a candle holder/vase and both sides are beautiful. I don’t know the COE is, but looking at the glass I think it’s 90. So what do I make with it?

Last question, which do you like best; windchime, candle holder, picture frame, mirror, or do you have something else in mind?

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