Fused Glass Crosses for my Family

A while back I made some custom fused glass pocket crosses for Diane. When she told me why she wanted them it brought tears to my eyes and I decided to make some for my family. We had a family reunion this month so I thought it was the perfect time to give the crosses to my family, so I could actually see their faces when they received the crosses and my personalized note.

I wrote a note to each of my family members, the bottom 3 crosses are for my oldest sisters – Debbie: Strong, Joanne: Selfless, and Vera – courageous.

The next 3 fused glass pocket crosses are for Tim: unique & special, Laurie: caring, and Ron: thoughtful.

The next 3 fused glass pocket crosses are for Sherry: Survivor, Teresa: brave, and Freddie: smart, creative, talented, and funny.

And of course my mom. For mom, I focused on how strong, selfless, courageous, special, caring, thoughtful, brave, creative, and what a survivor she is. BTW in case you were curious I put the crosses on a card that way they can either frame them or take the cross off and put it in their pocket as a pocket cross.

For Momma

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Keeping my Kiln warm,



  1. Laurie Porath says:

    Very beautiful Karen

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