Fused Glass Cremations

Recently I received an email from Laura regarding making a fused glass pendant with her dad’s ashes inside. It’s always such an honor to make custom memory pieces. I always take care and show reverence for each piece I make. Laura and I have collaborated every step of the way. First we talked about what color of glass she wanted. As it turned out she wanted two pendants and two pocket memories. Below are pictures of all four together front and back. As you can see I shape the cremains in a heart shape. Glass doesn’t necessarily like to have inclusions so each is very different.

Once the glass was picked out we talked about the designs for each piece. One of the fused glass pendants was for Laura and she wanted a pink, purple, and blue with dichroic and a crescent moon and stars.

The second fused glass pendant was for her daughter, and she wanted pink, purple, and dichroic glass. She wanted flowers, butterfly, a moon, and stars. The flowers are millefiori.

I also gave Laura choices on the bails for the pendants. She chose the ones shown.

The third and fourth are pocket memories for her brothers. They wanted blue and green, ironically one brother wanted a wolf and the other brother wanted a wolf and didn’t even know his brother wanted the same thing.

As a present for Laura I also saved a bit of her dad’s cremains into a little bottle with a fused glass heart. Laura also asked if I could spread the rest of her dad’s ashes here in Colorado. Evidently her dad always wanted to go see and explore Colorado.

Laura told me “thank you so much for everything. Not only did you give me something so precious to be able to keep my dad with me all the time”. What an honor it’s been working with Laura and making these special fused glass memory pieces. May these memory pieces bring comfort to Laura, her daughter, and her brothers.

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  1. Laura Bracey says:

    Hi I’m Laura. I just want everyone to know that anything you get done by Ms. Karen will be handled with the upmost respect and care! She was more than patient as I was wishy washy on what I wanted, keeping me in the loop with each step as she was foing them. To anyone who is looking at this, and has lost someone you are close too, I HIGHLY recommend that you have one of these pieces made for you as well. She was far more reasonable than the place that cremated my dad, and I was more than a name and number on a screen. I felt her investment in this project, and I knew she understood and cared about all this means to my family!! Imean ir should say something that she is even willing to spread the rest of his ashes in a place he wanted to see so badly… do you think they would have done all this at the company I was originally looking at? I think not. I am thrilled to be getting them today!! Thanks so much again Karen, your beautiful work means more to me than money could ever buy.

    • Thank you Laura. It was an honor and a privilege to make the 4 fused glass memorial pieces for you. Prayers to you and your family. Karen

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