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This month I am focusing my blogs on Creative Paradise Inc (CPI) Molds. I’ve written about molds various times over the years, albeit this month I want to showcase CPI molds.  There are several mold companies and I love several and I’m sure I will highlight them another time. There are various reasons I enjoy CPI molds and Stephanie is she not only creates her molds in the USA but she also writes tutorials and even does videos on how to us her molds. I also like the fact that she has a myriad of types of molds.

The first type of CPI fused glass molds I want to discuss is jewelry molds. The first type is cabochon molds and they don’t have holes or designs. The molds can be filled with any type of glass, especially frit. The cabochons can also be used to either way (front or back). The bail can be a pinch bail (by drilling a hole), glue a bail on either side, or they can be used as snap jewelry.










The CPI fused glass jewelry molds can be small like the ones above or they can be large like my new bear mold!

Isn’t it beautiful. Again it can be used front or back, it can be drilled, or it can just be used as a pretty piece.






There are several other types of CPI fused glass jewelry molds, including ones that have holes in them. They are fabulous because you don’t have to glue a bail on, you can use a pinch bail or use cord and make a slip knot through the hole. Plus again you can use them either way!










Some of my favorite jewelry molds are hollow holey molds, they are beautiful and so versatile. You could also use them for scarfs and maybe even hair accessories.  Aren’t they beautiful?






The greatest thing about CPI fused glass jewelry molds is they can be any shape and color!!

I’ll do one more blog about CPI fused glass jewelry molds.  I hope you enjoy them as much as enjoy them!

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