Fused Glass Clocks – Fresh from the Kiln

I have been creating fused glass for several years now and I love fused glass. Out of all mediums I have used in my life, glass is one of the most versatile. As shown on my websites I have handcrafted a myriad of fused glasspieces from jewelry, plates, bowls, wine stoppers, doorknobs, etc. One fused glass item I have not made until recently is fused glass clocks. Of course, once I created one I went crazy. Not only are Fused Glass clocks beautiful and unique they are both functional and art. They can also be custom made to fit the décor of your home. Fused Glass clocks can sit on the mantel, hang on the wall, etc.

Now I have made several fused glass clocks. So I decided to make a YouTube video so you can really see them. One fused glass clock pictured is streaky blue, purple, and iridized with added texture is a mantel clock. Two clocks are vanilla with reaction glass and one has silver (it is a small clock but really elegant). Another clock is a isdark blue streaky and sits in a stand.

The two that are fresh from the kiln for February include a beautiful cranberry pot melt (look close what do you see) and the other is a crackle and really unique.

As you can see fused glass clocks are beautiful and can be made in many forms.

If you would like me to create a fused glass clock for your home please email me. Also these are not on my site yet so let me know if you would like one.

Keeping my Kiln warm


PS my fused glass newsletter newsletter will go out Friday!

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