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Fused Glass “Reconstructing the Palette”
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So many topics I want to discuss for my Fused Glass blogs and so little time.

The first topic I want to talk about is a Fused Glass class I took in July in St Charles Missouri with Lisa Becker. She was nice enough to combine the individual classes I wanted into a 4 day combined class. I’m only going to give a brief overview of the class and then I’ll show you what I did with the techniques as time goes on. The class was mixture of five different fused glass techniques. One of my favorite parts of this trip was I got to spend it with a wonderful lady and friend Julie Beall. She is amazing and she had me eating healthy and walking every day! What a relaxing and enjoyable week! Nothing like creating glass with a fellow glass artist!

On to discussing the class!

The first fused glass technique we learned was “Coral Bowl redefined”. It’s a beautiful fused glass technique that I’ve never done before. Here is the one I did in class, not bad for my first time. My plan is to make another one soon then discuss the different types of coral or lattice bowls. Bottom-line is I like this technique and look forward to exploring it more.

The second technique was a recycled bowl, now I’ve made a recycled bowl before but not with tempered glass like this class. I love my bowl so much I’m trying to find more tempered glass. I got a piece of glass this past weekend and I will be doing my fresh from the kiln on my fused glass tempered bowl. My husband and daughter are very use to my fused glass but both of them were amazed at this bowl.

The third class “Reconstructing the Glass Palette” this was a fun class and we all did different pieces. The possibilities are endless with this technique. I’m not comfortable going into much detail about this technique other than to say it was fun and even after we created the part sheets we put them together differently than we had planned. I’ll be doing this one again for sure.

The fourth class “Graffiti Glass” was a great class. It was airbrushing glass. I liked it so much I bought an airbrush and a tiny compressor. Mine was simple but again the possibilities are endless. Needless to say I’ll be creating more airbrushed fused glass.

The last class was one I took before but wanted to learn more about it and the best part was I got to keep the screen. That’s right it was screen printing. I like my owl very much but I wish I had made him in a different color. I used woodland brown and I think a darker color would be better. I ordered a few different screens (which was great) and will be able to make more screen printed fused glass artwork.

All of the techniques were great and Lisa and her partner were very accommodating and patient. Oh and by the way St Charles is a great little town with a wonderful downtown and a beautiful river walk.

Let me know which technique you like the best.

Keeping my Kiln Warm,



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