Fused glass Class – Alice

The first week in June I took a great fused glass class with Alice Benvie Gebhart at D&L. She is a fabulous teacher.






The class was Diptych Landscape in Glass. It was a 4 day class and it was in-depth. Alice was very thorough she went over color theory and we created 3 test examples.  Another one of my favorite parts is Alice went through every example and we discussed what we liked and what we didn’t. That’s the first time I’ve done that in a class and I thought it was extremely helpful.  This is my favorite of my examples. We got to use gold luster and got to use a special black enamel.






The other thing I loved about the class is I got to take the class with an old friend, Anna. We met in my first class with Bob Leatherbarrow. She’s a wonderful lady and it was great sing her again.







We had a fabulous group of ladies in the class, they were all so talented and so much fun!






This is my fused glass Diptych Landscape. I love it and just need to come up with some stands. I made mine a little uneven to make it more interesting. I think it’s so cool! Love this class and highly recommend it..






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