Fused Glass – Circles can be fun!

This is kind of a continuation of my last blog regarding commercial fused glass orders.

One of the many challenges for me with fused glass is cutting circles. So imagine my dismay when for one of my commercial orders I had to make 10 huge fused glass bowls. Since the majority of my fused glass dishes are at least two layers thick, that meant I had to cut 20 circles.







Now that may sound easy, but considering I’ve always struggled with circles this was no small feat. In fact up until I got this order I would break half of all my circles or I’d have so many points sticking out I’d have to use my saw or my diamond hand pads to smooth them out before firing.

Anyway, in Nov I mentioned I took a class with Patty Gray. Now I’ve practiced circles so many times, watched video after video; but for me it was still hit or miss with circles. For me watching Patty do it so effortlessly I was just awestruck and it resonated with me.  Then when I started this order it didn’t take long and I got so good at cutting the circles that I only broke two and the majority of the circles came out in perfect. When I say perfect I mean perfect!! The keys were to have a towel underneath, use oil for the cutter, draw the cut out breaks away from the circle a little, to run the lines, and then to jiggle it – then vola! I’m not sure if you can tell but that’s what’s left from a perfect circle!

IMG_6175 IMG_6205







Again, creating multiple fused glass pieces is challenging but it’s also very rewarding. It’s also a reminder that even if you cut everything the same and the firing schedule is the same the piece may not be exact. Fusing glass is an artwork not a science so keep that in mind when you buy or sell fused glass.


10 Beautiful hand crafted bowls for an amazing restaurant right here in Colorado!!
10 Beautiful hand crafted bowls for an amazing restaurant right here in Colorado!!














Thank you again to all the businesses that buy and respect American made fused glass artwork. Also a big shout out to Paul, my good friend and without his pushing me and recommending me (and of course his molds) I wouldn’t be doing any commercial orders.  Thanks Paul – your the best!

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