Fused Glass Cherry Blossom Tree Night Lights

A month or so ago at one of my shows, my daughter (Sky) was helping me set up my Fused Glass. As she was unwrapping my Fused Glass night lights she was looking at my aspens and she was talking about how beautiful they were but she wished I’d make a cherry blossom tree. Sky really loves the Japanese culture and of course I went into reminiscing about how I loved the cherry blossom trees while we were stationed in Japan. Anyway I told her I’d be happy to make her a cherry blossom tree night light. Of course I said that then didn’t have any pink glass. It’s funny of course pink is the most expensive glass so her little night light was pretty expensive to make.

I finally got the pink glass, but then wasn’t sure of the best way to make the trees. I make the aspens with white glass and no branches well cherry blossoms have branches and the tree itself are brown. Plus there are countless ways to make a tree with sheet glass, powder, fine, medium or coarse frit. I always get distracted when talking about glass.

Anyway one day she came into my studio and asked me if I had made her nightlight yet. I’m like no (I didn’t tell her I forgot), but lets do it right now. I showed her the different ways to make the trees and she chose to make hers with coarse frit and and I chose to make mine with sheet glass. Then we added two shades of pink glass for the leaves, several shades of green for the grass. Then we had some millefiori and murrine so we added flowers, butterflies, and Sky even added a heart.
So you can see the difference between her tree and mine based on the fact that she used frit for the tree and branches and I used sheet glass.

Cherry Blossom Tree Night Lights
Cherry Blossom Tree Night Lights








I like them both and so did she so she’s trying to talk me into letting her keep both. 🙂  Which Fused Glass Cherry Blossom tree night light do you like? Let me know.

While I was at it I made some more aspen night lights.

Spring, Fall & Winter Fused Glass Night Lights
Spring, Fall & Winter Fused Glass Night Lights











I also made a couple more tree of life night lights.

Fused Glass Tree of Life Night Lights
Fused Glass Tree of Life Night Lights









Obviously if there is something you’d like me to create in fused glass just email me at elegantfusedglass@gmail.com.

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