Fused Glass Cane

I pull vitrigraph and cane pretty regularly, but I’m not an expert at creating fancy cane / murrine. So, when one of my good friends was selling cane, I decided to buy some of her COE 96 cane. They remind me of the old fashion stick candy, so colorful.

It’s funny when I buy specialty glass it’s always difficult for me to use it up. In this case I wasn’t sure how to best use it. I decided to cut up the cane to make some pendant and earrings. This is what it looked like before I fired it.

Here are some of the fused glass pendants, after I fused them and put bails on. They are simple yet beautiful; the depth and colors are so vibrant. I haven’t finished the earrings yet, and they’ll match the pendants below.

I also made one of the cabochons to a large snap and the other into a small snap. I’ll be honest I think I’ll keep the snaps.

In addition to the jewelry, I made long pieces. The first picture on the left is prior to firing and the picture on the right is after they are fired.

Here is the finished fused glass windchime. BTW I’m writing another post about the base of the windchime. Can you tell I’m ready for Spring?

I also made a couple of stirrers with pieces of the cane. The first three stirrers are made with the cane laying down, the middle stirrer is a slice of the cane, and picture is all four of the stirrers together.

I love cane especially the twisted canes. What else should I make with this beautiful cane?

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