Fused Glass Business Card Holder

Recently I changed jobs and though I’d make some fused glass business card holders. It’s difficult because I have so much beautiful glass. Plus, I have lots of beautiful silk-screens – that I can screen print on my glass for my holders as well as decals. That’s the most difficult job, what glass to put on the holders. These first two are screen printed – I love bears so I screen printed them onto this great glass. Clearly, I need to get new business cards.

This next one, is made with iridized glass. The only thing to know about this business card holder is I put the glass on the back. So I put another piece on the front so it’s a twofer. LOL.

I went a little crazy and made several more. I haven’t put them on the business card findings yet. The first picture shows just beautiful glass. I like making just great glass pieces you can always add screen printing as long as they aren’t glued down yet. The second group are powder printed. The third picture shows a white piece of glass with millefiori and an a lovely iridized. Again, I can add something to if desired.

Here are some with decals, the first group are all over decals. LOVE THEM. I also love the middle picture with flowers and moose. The last picture is decals on clear glass, they need to be on light glass.

Here are some more screen-printed pieces. I love the blue one and the one “you are enough” I added a decal to the blue and added murrine to the white one.

One of the reasons I haven’t glued them down is they are so cool they don’t just have to be business card holders, they can be put onto a glass candle holder, just in a little stand, as a night light, a magnet (I’d put 2), and even a bail to make them into a suncatcher. I LOVE THEM so much. Which is your favorite?

Since I was using my decals, I thought I’d make a couple more mirrors.

So, the most difficult decision is which one will I keep for myself? Such a difficult choice.

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