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For July’s Fused Glass review I thought I’d review one of Bullseye’s Glass videos. I wrote a “DYK – Did You Know” about Bullseye’s Glass education site in January and so I thought I’d do a review on one of the videos I watched. Just a little background Bullseye has educational videos (some are free {23} some videos {53} are part of the Annual $39 subscription). * Bullseye also has Tech notes {7}, Tip Sheets {8}, Studio tips {8}, Produce use {21} Make it Projects {5}, etc … ALL FREE!! If you want to know more checkout my DYK or my Bullseye link on my website).

Anyway, I watched this video a while back and was so excited by it I bought all kinds of Bullseye Rods (normally used in flamework – but can be used in the kiln as well). Since it’s been a while I watched “Kilnforming with Rods” again. I love how Bullseye organizes the videos they have the overview so you can see all the chapters covered. Additionally, under the “learn more” they have a PDF with the rods used in the video, the firing schedule, helpful resources, etc. The video itself provides characteristics of rod e.g., color, etc., then the videos shows the procedures on how to create a project using rods from start to finish (i.e., cutting, assembling, cold-working, slumping, etc.). Of course my favorite part of all the bullseye videos is the project variation section and this video had two additional segments showing different ways to use rods. I really enjoy all of bullseye’s videos but this is a great one because it really utilizes a form of glass most people don’t use too much.

BTW did I tell ya’ll I’m going to the Portland Bullseye factory in September to take a class?? I’m so excited!!! Trust me I’ll blog all about it.

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