Fused Glass Buddha

A while back I got a great mold from Bonny Doon (Laurie Spray). I took a fabulous class from her (vitrigraph) and bought several molds from her. I got a Buddha mold but the first 2 times I used it, my pieces didn’t turn out so well. But my next too turned out beautifully. I was even able to take it to my most recent craft show.

The mold allows for a 3rd eye to be added, however I displayed it without actually adding it but you can still see it.  The 3rd eye is believe to represent a state of enlightenment. I’ve made two so far, I’d love to see which people like. I took a little bit of a poll to see what my customers thought and it was a bit of a tie.

I’d love to hear from ya’ll, which to you like; pronounced or not?






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Keeping my Kiln warm,



  1. Louise Thaell says:

    Hello Karen,
    Love your art! I am wondering if you sell any Buddha molds?
    I have been making some Buddha faces with a friend and using her molds but would love to have a few of my own molds.
    Thank you.

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