Fused Glass Bowl and Texture Molds

large fused glass bowl with textured bottom
large fused glass bowl with textured bottom









As I’ve mentioned many times. I love molds and I can’t seem to get enough of them. This fused glass bowl used two different types of molds. A texture mold and the slumping mold (square bowl). The nice thing about a texture mold is once its taken on by the glass (by full fusing) it used on the bottom of the glass or on the top of the fused glass piece. The slumping mold can be used or not and the glass can be kept flat. I like this slumping mold for this piece because it’s so deep. It’s a little tricky to use but it makes for a large bowl.

textured mold
textured mold
slumping mold for fused glass bowl
slumping mold for fused glass bowl








BTW the glass is float glass which is not the easiest glass to use but it is beautiful with these molds. It looks like sea glass, so beautiful.  Again making so many I finally got my firing schedule so right that they turned out so well I barely had to cold work them. Again another positive about production work.

In answer to your question, yes this is another of the commercial fused glass pieces I made. As I mentioned, my kilns have all been filled for over a month with commercial orders, hence all the blogs about them. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to play soon because I got some amazing ebooks and dvd’s I want to create from!! Plus, needless to say my blogs are about the thinks I create so it will be nice to write about something new!

Typically I make a couple extra fused glass pieces for commercial orders. However these were such big pieces I went another way and made a small fused glass dish that would compliment what they bought.  It’s a way to say thank you for purchasing handmade fused glass artwork.

fused glass
free small fused glass dish sent with the commercial order








I sent this fused glass commercial order today. I hope he likes it.

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