Fused Glass Book Reviews – Time for Glass and Contemporary Mood Lamps

Fused Glass Book Reviews of Time for Glass – Contemporary fused glass clocks by Lynne Rae Eaton and The Art of Fusing Contemporary Mood Lamps by Martin Gill

I love to learn about fused glass whether it is through classes, eBooks, or actual books. I also like trying new products therefore, I thought I would write a few product and book reviews on the various items I have purchased. Please understand this is my personal view and is not intended to offend anyone. I just like trying new things and I would like to share my experiences with others. I am not paid to write these reviews.

There are two books written by different authors albeit I am going to include them in one fused glass book review because I feel the same about them both.

First, I have learned something about myself in reviewing these two fused glass books; I am not a contemporary person! I like traditional, simple, and pretty – almost anything but contemporary. So if you like contemporary artwork, ignore my comments.

Book Review - Time for Glass
Book Review – Time for Glass

Time for Glass – Contemporary fused glass clocks by Lynne Rae Eaton includes very basic instructions for both the stained glass and fused glass versions of the clocks. The author assumed readers have basic fusing knowledge so there is no background information involving compatibility and only a basic fusing schedule. Therefore, I do not recommend this book for beginner fusers.

Due to my aversion to contemporary artwork, I would not include the beads etc to anything dangling to anything needless to say a clock other than a pendulum. Taking away the contemporary aspect, I love the concept of fused glass clocks I just do not think it is necessary to make them so ornate. In fact I have made several fused glass clocks. My fused glass clocks are simple albeit beautiful and I just did both a blog and a youTube video about them so check them out.

Fusing Contemporary Mood Lamps
Book Review – Fusing Contemporary Mood Lamps

The Art of Fusing Contemporary Mood Lamps by Martin Gill

I will not rehash my dislike for contemporary because the mood lamps are nice. Again, I tend to be simple person so not so ornate is better for me. Again, the instructions are very basic so it may be difficult for novice fusers. I did like the glass base he included in the book. My opinion about mood lamps or mantel sconces really depend on the customers taste, but this book gives some simple ideas.

I have created several fused glass mood lamps; I call them Fused Glass Mantel Sconces and they are also called table sconces. The fused glass sconces sit on a mantel or table with a candle behind it. My fused glass mantel sconces do not have bases because the bases are ceramic and pretty expensive.

Bottom-line, I do not care for contemporary. Additionally, I do not think the instructions are detailed enough for beginner fusers and too basic for advanced fusers. 

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