Fused Glass Aspens

Fused Glass Aspens
Fused Glass Aspens




Hello Everyone,

I had the best weekend last weekend. Diane my good friend came down to Colorado Springs and we had 3 days of Fusing Glass. I had gone to her house a last month and we did a myriad of fused glass techniques we learned in Tanya’s Boot Camp class.

They aren’t quite finish yet I need to slump them, but I’ll have a couple done for next Sunday’s blog.  However, we did actually finish a fused glass piece last weekend and here it is Colorado Aspens. Being from Colorado we have aspens in our front yard and of course anytime we go anywhere we see aspens. The technique was based on our class with Anne Nye and frit painting. I put it on a wooden display stand. I love the aspens so much that I made another Fused Glass Aspens, but it’s not quite done yet.

As soon as I finish my other fused glass pieces I’ll post them.

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Always keeping my kiln warm.


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