Fused Glass and Concrete

Everything I do involves glass. Recently I took two webinars about concrete jewelry (Curious Mondo). They actually used different concrete. One is more concrete looking grey speckled and one is white. Of course when I use another media it all revolves around how I can use it with glass.

The first 4 I made had a bit more water than I should have included, but for the most part they turned out ok. As you can see I added colorant to two of them. I like both the color and the white.






Two of my pieces I didn’t put the glass deep enough and popped off. The heart I just glued on and now is fine. The second piece I made too thick and let it dry too much before putting in the glass popped off.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with it. Maybe add some more concrete then a smaller stone.






I tried again and other than my glass sinking and me having to dig them, clean them, and replacing them I think they look great. I like the transparent. I also added a bit of color to the lower right.






These three don’t have glass but I’m going to add the red, yellow, and white accents. I love the shell and the way I did the color. I’m just going to glue the glass on and hope they stay. I’ll probably try various glues to see what works the best.






I mentioned earlier that I have two concretes. I like both. I’m curious what ya’ll think. White or the grey speckled.






These two are a bit of testing. The first is a concrete heart that I painted. I’d also like to try alcohol ink. So many things to test with concrete.  The second I used a bezel and poured the colored concrete. I’m thinking about making a snap with colored concrete. Well see, maybe for my next blog.






Anyway, I really like the concrete and I look forward to seeing how my pieces hold up and if the glass stays put!
Let me know what ya’ll think.

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