Fused Glass Activity

Wow I’m so crazy busy,  I didn’t even do a fused glass blog on Wed.

I’m doing a myriad of fused glass custom orders: 4 night lights, a poker guard, cuff links, a pendant. I also just finished 100 fused glass soap dishes for a commercial order. I’m also sending sample pieces for two other fused glass commercial orders.

Plus I got a new toy. It’s a silhouette cameo! Of course now I have to learn how to use it. But I used it today for a simple cut. BTW that simple cut took me 5 time to get it right. Hopefully I’ll figure it out. What I cut is for fused glass pendants see the picture below. I cut special decals. My mind is thinking the 1000 different possibilities I can use the cameo for my fused glass. So stay tuned!





I’m also working 10-13 hours a day for my day job!

keeping my kilns warm,



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