“Further Studies in Powder” with Bob Leatherbarrow

Wow I’ve been busy. I just got back from an amazing fused glass class with Bob Leatherbarrow. I had so much fun that I didn’t do any blogs while I was there. So I’ll do several back to back documenting my journey while at Salt Springs Island, British Columbia.  For those who follow my blog know this is not my first class with Bob. I enjoyed my first class so much my good friend Melinda and I decided to go back.

Fused Glass Crackle Bowls
Bowls from my 1st class with Bob










In fact, my “further studies in powders” for fused glass with Bob was a fantastic class and even better than the first class! Bob is a amazing teacher and didn’t hold back anything and gave us so so much. I can’t wait for his 2nd e-book Intermediate Kilnformed Glass Powders coming out in mid May.

For my 2nd visit to Salt Springs Island I stayed at a Bed and Breakfast.  I don’t normally talk to much other aspects of my Fused Glass trips other than Glass of course. However this was such a special trip I have to talk about my stay on the island.

This time I stayed at the Hedgerow Inn. It’s a wonderful B&B owned by Peter and Jayne. Both are fabulous people so friendly and helpful. My room was beautifully decorated with my own bathroom (heated floor). They had a coffee and tea bar where you can make coffee or tea day or night.

IMG_6943 IMG_6699






Now for one of my favorite aspects – Breakfast! Jayne is a really talented cook. She made homemade muesli (the best I’ve ever had and I’ve been to Germany), Frittata, sausage, and this dried fruit concoction that made me want to lick the bowl. All I can say is WOW!  BTW breakfast was just as spectacular everyday!!! I even had yellow beets that were awesome and I hate beets!!!

IMG_6694 IMG_6696 IMG_6701






After a fabulous breakfast with two couples from various parts of Canada, Peter explain and gave me a great map of how to get to Ruckle park.

What a great time. I drove to Beddis beach. Coming from Florida it’s a tiny beach but it was very nice. I love all of the moss and the trees. Then I drove to Ruckle park. I walked all around, the trees, moss and water were great. It rained a little but by the time I left the sun was shining and it was a bit warm from my walk. Ruckle also has a camping ground, quite a large one, right near the water there were two tents, so if you are in to camping I must say this was a nice campground (I saw bathrooms but not a shower building).

DSCN0362 DSCN0355 DSCN0335 DSCN0324


After spending my morning walking around the park I went to a cheese farm, Salt Spring Island Cheese. I use farm verses factory because as you walk around it looking in the windows reading the signs about each stage of cheese making you see animals including chickens and sheep. Ever since I went to Holland and had fresh goat cheese I’ve always been a fan and this was great. I ended up buying herb and basil and juliette cheese as well as some turmeric juice and jam. I never really mixed cheese and jam before but now, yep its a must. The cheese is really awesome!







After my adventure with cheese I went to Fulford mercantile and had a Ginger Ale and chicken quiche. The food here is so good.
I’m so glad I came a day early, Salt Springs Island is such a wonderful place with real free range eggs on every corner! Practically everything is organically grown on Island. They are so environmentally conscious, Truly eye opening experience!







Don’t worry my next blog will be about fused glass!

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