Fun in Westcliffe, CO

I think I’ve made it pretty clear I love Westcliffe. In fact, we try to go once a month. The last time we went it was pretty closed up because of the COVID. But when it opened up we decided it was time to take our daughter, Sky, for a visit. I know it’s kind of silly but we wanted her to love it the way we do. First we went to the bakery and got some goodies for the weekend. Then we had ice cream and we walked around town and went into the little shops. They are all struggling so we bought something from every shop we went into. It’s important to keep these shops stay open.

After spending some time in town we went to the property. Sky was like, it’s kind of small. I don’t think she really understood how big it really is, we live on a little plot now. Here is us at the property.

After the property we showed her the rock formation we like so much. As you can see she’s really starting to like it. So much so we drove around for another couple hours. It’s just so pretty it’s difficult not too. Afterwards we at at the little pizza place in Silvercliffe. Those ladies were working so hard. Later, Sky even walked down to the park to look at the stars. She’s never done that! I’m so glad she likes Westcliffe!

The next day we drove up to Rainbow trail. Wow, what a beautiful walk. Again Sky liked it so much she got way a head of us. We had to text her and tell her to stop. She stopped at a little creek. It was so nice and peaceful. On our walk back she and I decided we were getting hiking boots when we got home. (Yes, we did and she even asked again! This is pretty huge for her, she’s not an outdoorsy person.) Here are a couple of pictures from the trail, but they don’t do it justice.

I forgot to mention on our way up the hill, we saw about 6 or 7 horses just walking along the road. They were on the other side of the road so I didn’t get a chance to take pictures. But on the way back down the hill we saw them again. They were in really good shape so we think they were just grazing (it’s free range country). One even got close to the car to say hello.

We also went to Red Wing, which is down a bit further by Gardner. It’s a ghost town now, but it use to be a trading post. Either way it was pretty cool.

The next morning we went down to the park. No deer or fox this time but we did see the observatory. It’s funny it’s so small but so cool at the same time.

Before we headed home we went by the Deweese Reservoir, just outside of Westcliffe. Parts of it were pretty crowded but some of it was really pretty and green.

It’s funny, we’ve been to Westcliffe several times now but we always find something new to do. BTW if you ever make it to Westcliffe, I recommend the bakery and in Silvercliffe you have to go to Willy’s for breakfast.

Thanks for understanding how I love to write about Westcliffe.


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