Follow-ups Regarding Westcliffe

First, I have to show you a few pictures of some visitors we had at our Westcliffe property. Several of our wonderful Westcliffe neighbors told us about bears in the neighborhood. So, we went for a visit and guess what our trail camera caught. Luckily, we don’t have any food out, so it was all good. Isn’t the baby adorable? BTW I love bears which is why I have so many bear pieces in our Westcliffe house.

Not really related, albeit earlier this month I wrote a post about my visit to the Westcliffe Train Depot and that I volunteered to give them some fused glass train magnets for them to sell and make a little bit money. I took a few more pictures of the depot and of course the pieces I brought them.

As I mentioned in the earlier post, I made them glass magnets and some screen-printed and wood burned some wooden ornaments for them. She seemed happy with them; I hope they sell well. By all means please stop by the Depot, you won’t regret it. Be sure to donate some $ as the depot operates with volunteers and on donations.

Additionally, I wrote a post about my friend Marilyn (who lives in Westcliffe) asked me to make a sign for her front door. I liked it and she already has it hanging up. Wait until you see what she has me making next!!

I know this will not shock those who know me, but I have to include some views of our property in Westcliffe e.g., mountains, deer, hummingbirds, flowers, oh my! BTW we had a few Rufous hummingbirds, they are such bullies, but they were also very beautiful. Also, I wanted to confess some of the flowers we planted albeit they are wildflowers.

I hope you all continue to enjoy my posts and my love of Westcliffe.

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Keeping my kilns warm,


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