Flameworking with Borosilicate

I love creating fused glass, but I also love any type of glass. So I have taken a couple of flameworking classes (see my past blogs). However the borosilicate class I took wasn’t too in-depth so I thought I’d take another one.  Leslie recommended I take one with Glasscraft. So last Sunday I took flameworking 101 with Borosilicate with Chris at Glasscraft.

Overall I really enjoyed the class. He demonstrated a couple of techniques, then he’d let us play a bit, and then he’d come and help us. He was very talented, he’d fix things right a way.

First we made Maria’s – they are much harder  to make than you’d think. Plus I couldn’t put more than 5 on each one. Borosilicate is a hard glass  (33 COE) so I had a little bit of time before gravity took over. It’s funny to insult each other the other flamework artists would accuse each other of working with soft glass (90 – 104 COE).

Flameworked Maria's
Flameworked Maria’s








After the Maria’s we made leaves. I had a tough time because you have to get a big enough ball at the end – flatten it then put a 3mm piece of glass on it so you can stretch the end. Mine either got too hot or not hot enough.

mt practice leaves
my practice leaves








After the practice glass, Chris gave us a few choice of pieces we could make i.e., drink stirrers or pendants. It’s interesting he only gave us 2 colors of rods – cobalt and striker glass (it changes colors when it’s fired). Chris demo’d the options and then we got to play.   My stirrers are a bit short and not very straight but the colors are great. I combined the blue and striker rods together in the flame.  My pendants were a bit nicer but the bails are a bit too big.


my flameworked stirrers
my flameworked stirrers
my flameworked pendants
flameworked pendants



Overall I really enjoyed the class. I love how relaxing it is and how you get to have the pieces sooner and it’s more hands on work. I still need to anneal them in my kiln to make them stronger.

I’m sure you are wondering will I be getting a torch soon. The answer is no. I enjoy it but I’m not comfortable having a torch in my house.  I do like the borosilicate because its a little more forgiving than flameworking with 90 & 96.  But then again I like the idea of using 90 & 96 because then I can use it in my fused glass work. For me it always comes back to fused glass.  When I do take another flamework class it will probably be with Leslie – her style is more my style!

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