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While I was in Breckenridge I discovered they have what’s called Breck create. It’s right on Main Street and as we were walking around town I saw they had classes including a flameworking class. It was called pendants inspired by nature. I signed up (very reasonably priced). When I showed up for the class she said it was in the hot shop around back. Well around back wasn’t just a shack but these amazing old buildings. One was a candle shop, print making, wood working, jewelry, and ceramic. Here are just some of the buildings.

Most were closed but I did stop in and picked up these great stones (pictured below). I really wished the ceramic shop was open. I wish I would have found this place when I first got here, I would have taken several classes.

Anyway, I took a flameworking class from John. What a remarkable young man. He is a ski instructor, flamework instructor, and teaches science camp to kids.  His parents must be very proud of him.

This is my 4th flamework class, my first was with Leslie (a wonderful artist), then I took another class in Denver, and a short one in Portland. I like flameworking but I just can’t get the twirling right.

John was so patient, he showed me what we were going to do (make a mushroom pendant). Then he helped me. Well my mushroom pendant basically had the stock but not top. But it was so fun trying. Maybe it’s a mushroom with out the top, yep that’s my story. Sorry it’s a bit blurry.

Then we made a leaf and we cut it with shears. That was fun I liked my leaf even though it wasn’t perfect. I really wish these weren’t so blurry.

We had some more time so he’s like you want to try something else. I really liked his mushrooms so I said I wanted to try the mushroom again. Needless to say I screwed it up again, but John was like no problem we’re going to draw a few lines on it and twist it like we did the leaf and it will make a great pendant. He said that’s what he does when he messes up his mushrooms. This young man is very talented I don’t think he screws up many mushrooms but he handle the situation without making me feel like a total loser.   If you get up to Breckenridge please check out Breck create it’s so great seeing the arts whether it’s glass or ceramic or woodworking be taught and enjoyed in such a manner.    

BTW here is a picture of John and me. He told me he gets judged a lot because of his hair, so don’t judge a book by the cover even though we are in Colorado he doesn’t focus on bongs and pipes. Plus he has a bachelors degree in environmental science and is teaching the kids about water shed and geology. Again what a great young man.

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