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Wear Your Fused Glass Art – Bibs, Colors, and Patterns








February’s Fused Glass Book review, “Wear Your Fused Glass Art – Bibs, Colors, and Patterns” by Connie Brown

Today’s book review is the new book by Connie Brown. Connie publishes a monthly newsletter, quarterly fused glass e-magazine, and a couple of books. I get her newsletter and her e-magazines so I thought I’d get her new book “Wear Your Fused Glass Art – Bibs, Colors, and Patterns”.

I must admit I’m a tad disappointed, there are 20 projects covering various fused glass pieces. However several are extremely similar so it’s really less than 20 projects. I do like the pictures, albeit they should be a little more consistently e.g., some didn’t show the finished piece where you could see the entire piece (it was a close up or it didn’t show the finished piece at all). Since I’m a visual person more pictures are always better for me personally.

I also worry that some of the pieces e.g., the dichroic could be easily broken because they are just 1 layer. Moreover, I found some of the instructions didn’t go into enough detail or were a little difficult to follow, albeit most of the projects are extremely simple and the pictures should be enough instruction.

The pictures defiantly were a plus and they are all in color. I also liked the patterns in the back of the book.

My view of fused glass project books are to meant to inspire and I feel this book does. Look at this book as a starting point and take it from there. *remember these are my viewpoints

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