Fay Helfer an amazing artist!

For those who follow my Fused Glass newsletter know I have an amazing family and on this Mother’s day I’m even more thankful for my amazing family.

Obviously my son, David who works for Pixar and has won several awards.  David did these back when he was 16 years old.  He’s always been talented.






And his beautiful fiance and of course my adorable Granddaughter Mzia.

David was also married to Fay Hefler who is an extraordinary pyrography artist. All of these pictures below are a few of Fay’s pyrography art work.  I love her artwork so much! She just blows my mind. She has given me several pieces and of course I’ve bought pieces from her.

Recently I bought these 3 from Fay and plan on buying more from this series including the humming bird and bunny.  These 3 little pieces of art are so much prettier than you can imagine.








These are two more pieces I want to buy from Fay’s Crepuscular critters.






The other series I just love of Fay’s artwork is her Plan Nymphs. I own the three below and want more!






I love Fay’s Snails too. She made this one for us. It’s amazing! Isn’t it adorable!!!






I like them so much I made a glass piece with a couple of her  Nymphs. I’ll make them into magnets.






Fay asked me if I could make a sign for her new studio. What an honor!  So I made her 2 signs, one for inside and one for outside.  I hope she likes them. I also made her a business card holder for her studio. Again I hope she likes them.







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Keeping my Kiln warm,


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