End of the Fused Glass Powder Challenge

In January I took a a fused glass challenge it was called 30 powders in 30 days. On January 3rd I did my initial powder challenge blog. I won’t post all my drawings but I did want to post my first, my last and a couple of my favorites.

fused glass powder drawings
The tree was my first and the portrait my last. I also added some red to my hair! This one was tough, I am really bad at drawing faces!
Fused Glass powder
this was one of the 5 powders in 30 minutes challenges and I liked it. He looks like a monster eating a piece of cake!
fused glass powder
The next powder I liked was also a 5 in 30 challenge. I’ve always said I can draw stick people, but here is a woman’s body. Clearly I’m not ready for faces yet!
Fused glass powder
I love flowers so I really liked this one. It reminds me of Florida my home state!
fused glass drawings
This one is just for fun, the challenge was drawing something that scares you. I didn’t want to draw what really scares me – my kids being hurt so I drew the next best thing. Me falling from a really tall … anything!










The first day’s challenge was to draw a tree of powder with just my fingers, 2nd day was a tree with a business card and my fingers, day 3 landscape just fingers & business card, day 4 was 5 powders in 30 minutes, day 5 was another 5 powders in 30 minutes, day 6 was the human form, day 7 we got to use a tool – I used a skewer, day 8 – 3 sided tool, day 9 was a piece of fruit, day 10 more fruit, day 11 – vegetable, day 12 – something I use everyday, day 13 day of a shark, day 14 – something scary, day 15 – something I ate, days 16 – 18 triptych powder, day 19 flower, day 20 flower, day 21 flower and vase, day 22 sharp and tiny, day 23 collection, day 24 left handed tree, day 25 left handed tree, day 26 upside – 2 handed tree, day 27 & 28 Einstein, and day 29 & 30 Selfie.

As you can see by my drawings I can not draw, albeit I learned from this challenge. I enjoyed working with frit and I plan on practicing more. If you want to see my complete journey check out my powder challenge blog. BTW the only two I fired was the 1st and the last to remind myself even if you are bad at something give it a try!

If you’d like to see something I’m good at checkout the some of my actual fused glass pieces on my Elegant Fused Glass by Karen website.
Keeping my kiln warm,

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