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I¬†wanted to send a blog about all the things I’ve been up to and my new site and my new blog ideas, but NO.

I have to send a blog about spam emails. A great customer of mine let me know she received an email with just a link from me.

First I want to remind my customers I don’t send a lot of emails. I only send them if it’s important i.e. a SALE ūüôā
I didn’t even send an email about my new site I just put it on my blog and I was going to mention it in my next SALE.¬† I don’t even¬†send emails about my amazing you tube videos.

So if ¬†you get an email and there is a link with no comment from me – I DIDN”T ¬†SEND IT.¬† Yep some low life spammer sent it – how I don’t know. I don’t
open bogus emails and I don’t go to weirdo websites and of course I have an anti-virus.

I’m so so sorry. Remember I don’t email links without telling you what they are about. So please DON”T OPEN it – Just delete it.

Feel free to check out my You Tube videos on my other site ( )

Again I’m really sorry.


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