Elegant Fused Glass by Karen – has a new symbol!

Elegant Fused Glass by Karen
Elegant Fused Glass by Karen has a new Symbol






This is a special blog because Elegant Fused Glass by Karen – has a new symbol!

I mentioned in my New Year’s Resolution blog that one of my goals is to update my Fused Glass sites (all located on my Elegant Fused Glass by Karen). Part of updating my sites is to brand them. What that means is if you look at all my sites, they are similar but not the same and neither is my facebook etc. Therefore, to brand my Fused Glass one thing you need is a name, I like my name Elegant Fused Glass by Karen because my jewelry is Elegant Fused Glass, but it is not just jewelry, which is what my old name, was Fused Elegance Glass Jewelry. Additionally I like having my name part of the title. The other part of branding is a picture of some sort. If you look at my sites, they all have a shade of purple (my favorite color), and have either flowers or butterflies. Beautiful, albeit they are standard pictures and my Fused Glass is not standard.

All of this led me to my daughter-in-law, Fay. I have mentioned Fay several times; she is married to my handsome and talented son David Hale. David and Fay met in college (SCAD). I did a blog about David a while back when he was part of the Visual Effects Society Award winning team who created “Brave” from Pixar. I created the bear claw pendant that I created to celebrate “his” movie.

I digress, to say the least Fay is very talented. She has completed stunning pyrography (wood burning) and other artwork. She has created several pieces for my family, which we love and have all over our house. I also have a lot of her work on my Pinterest. So please check out Fay’s Artwork, it is incredible. In fact, I just bought a beautiful print of her original works. The detail of Fay’s pyrography is stunning!

Anyway, Fay asked me for a couple of my Fused Glass nail files which I sent out along with a matching Fused Glass spa bar and faux Fused Glass Garnet. Then I mentioned how I would really like her to draw a picture for me that I could use for my fused glass sites. Obviously branding someone is not easy, she asked me several questions, looked at all my sites, came up with some concepts, and sent me some examples (it was difficult to chose). Again Fay is extraordinary and I really appreciate the amazing picture (flame) that she created I am so excited to put this flame on all my sites, my Pinterest, etc. Eventually, Fay’s artwork will also be on my business cards, brochures, gift cards, etc.

The Flame is not just a beautiful picture it represents various aspects of fusing glass.

Elegant Fused Glass by Karen






Do not forget to give Fay some love as well. BTW my Elegant Fused Glass by Karen is being revamped and my husband will be adding my other sites, my social media including YouTube, and so much more. Now I just need to put some more Fused Glass on my site.

I will keep ya’ll informed through my blogs and newsletters.

I look forward to your comments.

Keeping my Kiln warm


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