Elegant Fused Glass by Karen is displayed at the GreenSoul

Those of you that subscribe to my Elegant Fused Glass newsletters and read my blogs know I am now in three local locations. The three stores that I have some of my fused glass artwork in are all run by amazing people and I wanted to show a short video of each of the stores to show my support for them as they are showing support for me.

The first store is GreenSoul in historic Old Colorado City in Colorado Springs owned and operated by Kristen and Mark. GreenSoul “specializes in environmentally friendly, local, and socially responsible products”, including “items produced from sustainable materials, and fair trade goods from around the world”. GreenSoul also has a variety of locally made arts and crafts including my fused glass pendants, wine stoppers, night lights, etc.,.

I hope you enjoy the video of GreenSoul and stop by and visit Mark and Kristen.

Keeping my kiln warm,



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