Elegant Fused Glass by Karen is in the Chapel Hills mall in the SMC Designs

As I mentioned in my Elegant Fused Glass blogs the last two weeks my fused glass is now in three local locations and I showed videos for GreenSoul and Boulder Street Gallery and Framing . This video is focused on SMC Designs in the Chapel Hills mall (by the new movie theater) in Colorado Springs. SMC Designs has a variety of locally made arts and crafts including my fused glass bowls, nail files, earrings, bracelets, pendants, letter openers, plates, wine stoppers, night lights, etc.,.

The third store I want to highlight is SMC Designs owned and operated by Stephanie. The SMC Designs offers chainmaille, fused glass, candles, lamps, clothes, and so much more. Stephanie, me, and her brothers all make custom work as well. Additionally, every week Stephanie adds new items so check in often.

I hope you enjoy the video of SMC Designs and stop by and visit Stephanie. BTW Stephanie is an amazing person she makes every chainmaille piece herself. She is also the reason I am in these three locations so please stop by and visit Stephanie, you will be shocked and all the beautiful things in her store. Not only that I stop by on Saturdays sometimes so I hope to see you there.

Keeping my kiln warm,



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