Deep Fused Glass Scenic Technique

One of my goals is always to try new fused glass techniques. Well, here is one of them, it’s based on a Tabitha’s YouTube video. She is amazing and she create a myriad of the murrine and millefiori. I love her glass accessories and her videos are just so fun.  I won’t go into how to make the technique, but I will tell you I find it a bit challenging and takes several steps.

They can be magnets or pendants, but because they take so much work, I think the best way to use them is by framing them. Here are some ways they can be framed. Here is the butterfly scene, with 6 possible frames.

Here is the ladybug fused glass scene and 6 possible frames. Which one do you think looks the best?

I really like the bird scene along with some possible frames. I put the fused glass on top of the picture fram glass so it’s like floating.

Last scene, I didn’t put an insect or bird in this one, just flowers.

I put the fused glass scenes in the frames I like best for them, the exception is the clear frame it looks great with all 4 pictures. I also used different backgrounds as well that I thought would look great with each scene.

What I love about the frames is you can, use the frame for the hearts, crosses, flower vase, bears, etc.

Let me know what you think of my new fused glass scenic pieces.

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