December’s Fused Glass birthstone – Turquoise

fused glass turquoise
December’s faux fused glass turquoise








December third birthstone is Turquoise. Turquoise also commemorates the 11th wedding anniversary. December’s fused glass faux turquoise comes in many different colors, just like real turquoise.

The name turquoise, from the French expression Pierre tourques or Turkish stone, originated in the thirteenth century and describes one of the oldest known gemstones. Turquoise varies in color from greenish blue, through robin’s egg-blue, to sky blue shades. Turquoise is chemically a hydrated copper/aluminum phosphate, of aggregate, cryptocrystalline structure. Turquoise is formed, over a span of millions of years, it occurs by chemical reaction when water leaks through rocks, which contain specific minerals such as aluminum and copper. The percentages of those various minerals in the rock dictate the gemstone’s shade. They are found as an opaque deposit in veins, or nodules within host rocks, or as shallow crusts on the surface of rocks. Spider web turquoise is made up of small nuggets cemented together with natural rock or matrix. Most mines produce some spider web turquoise. Sea form turquoise is a descriptive term applied to a somewhat knobby, foam-looking nugget that can be polished without cutting.

Turquoise Healing Powers and Properties
Turquoises need to “breath” to conserve its deep natural color. Lack of air will eventually turn the stones greenish, contributing to them losing their value. Some are highly prized for their unique veins, like red-color to dark-red veins are believed to be sacred one and are widely looked for. According to occultist, turquoise stones are the only stone which can “die”, a “dead” turquoise is veinless and is no more valuable. Turquoise has been used by kings and rulers of the past, in sculptural works, and has been fashioned into beads and pendants.
• Bring peace, luck, safety and happiness.
• To ward off unnatural death, the color changes if danger is approaching.
• Provides protection against evil.
• To promote mental and spiritual clarity to enhance trust, wisdom, kindness and understanding.
• Used as a good luck charm.
• Can strengthen business relationship.

How to Care for Turquoise
Because turquoises are fragile, special care must be taken. Turquoises are easily disturbed by heat, oil, sunlight, moisture, perspiration, dryness so they should not come in contact with strong perfumes, or chemicals. They are porous and can easily absorb dirt, grease and smell for long period. Do not use ultrasonic or steam cleaning, and wash only with mild, lukewarm soapy water and a soft brush, and wipe pieces with a damp cloth after wearing.

For the fused glass birthstone version of December “Turquoise”, I have several versions of Faux Fused Glass Turquoise. Just let me know which you like best.

As I mentioned in the gemstone newsletter there are many advantages of fused glass over typical gemstones is Fused Glass is less expensive, more durable (than some birthstones), and can be bigger than typical gemstones
If you would like a Fused Glass Turquoise please email me at I can make them into pendants, key chains, purse hangers, wine stoppers and pretty much anything else you would like.

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