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40 Great Glass Fusing Projects by Lynn Haunstein

BLUF I liked 40 Great Glass Fusing Projects. The introduction is sufficient to get a new fuser started without overwhelming them. The author explained the different types of glass, tools used in fusing, basic skills needed (cutting and kiln wash), creating accents (frit balls, vitrograph, etc), and using the kiln (different firing schedules).
Then she got right to the good stuff the projects. She had pictures for almost every step which made it easy to follow. She actually combined a few so there are more than 40. Most are basic for a new fuser albeit most are still fun for an intermediate fuser. There are defiantly a few that I’d like to try out. BTW another great thing about this book is it had templates for most of the projects again to make it easy to follow for a new fuser.
If I had to list an area for improvement I would have like to see actual names of some of the supplies e.g., the name of the mold she used or the bead stringing wire she recommends. But other than that I really like “40 Great Glass Fusing Projects” by Lynn Haunstein some beautiful projects to inspire your creativity.

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BTW if you’d like to learn more about Fused Glass click the link below.

Bullseye Kiln-glass Education Online

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