Custom Presents for my Cousin

My cousin is a talented quilter. Here are a few of her quilt blocks and the last one is an actual quilt. My aunts and grandmother use to make quilts. Quilting an amazing art form that I believe is special and beautiful and I wanted a one of her quilts badly for a long time.

She was looking at my website and said she likes my fused glass artwork and would like a flower dish that I screen printed. I told her she could have anything she liked – I’d trade glass work for one of her small quilts. I’m so happy she agreed. This is the bowl she saw that she wanted.

I made her 2 additional screen-printed screen fused glass dishes. The first one is screen-printed red poppies on clear glass and is pretty big. The second is red poppies on white glass. I’m not sure which she’ll like best, but they are both beautiful.

You can’t use the screen too many times, but I also made a small poppy dish for my shows. I think it’s pretty nice.

Here are the two dragonflies’ fused glass dishes I made. I made her two because I wasn’t sure if she wanted the iridized up or down, so I made both. They are stunning.

If you follow me, you know when I make custom glass pieces, I normally make more for my stores or shows. This was no exception. I made a few more textured dishes. First, I made small dishes to help me decide which looks better, the iridized up and iridized down, on dishes. I wish the pictures show the texture better, you can see it in person. I like them both, but the key is you can’t use the iridized-up dishes for food.

I made these three dishes, the first one is cherry blossoms. These pictures don’t come close to the beauty of these dishes. The first one is clear iridized. The iridized is on the top. The blue one is butterflies and not iridized. The butterflies are on the bottom so it can be used for food. Lastly this green is flowers with the iridized down.

She sent me some pictures, I’m so glad she liked them.

I can’t wait to get my quilt from my cousin. She bought special material just for me. I just know it’s going to be beautiful. I’ll do another post when she sends it to me, quilts take much longer than glass so it won’t be finished for a few months.

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