Custom Fused Glass Spoon Rest

A few years ago, one of my good customers asked me to create a 12 fused glass spoon rests with standup metal holders. It’s kind of funny it took me forever to get the firing schedule and size right, so you’d think I’d remember.

She asked me to make her one more this year, so the question is did I remember? No, no I didn’t. First the size was wrong for the first 3 and I had to slump them twice to get them to touch bottom. They are still great little bowls, just not for the metal stands.

That being said once I figured it out it’s perfect. I made several. Even better is they can be used with the stand or without the stand as little bowls.

During the home show my customer chose the glass so it’s truly custom. Isn’t it beautiful.

I also was asked to create a soap dish for another wonderful customer. She wanted it long and texture, I hope she likes it.

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