Custom Fused Glass Soap Dishes

Custom Fused Glass Soap Dishes
Left is Organic Lavender soap on a white fused glass soap dish and the right is honey shea organic soap on blue streaky fused glass soap dish










Custom Fused Glass Soap Dishes

I have written other blogs regarding custom fused glass orders, however this one is special. My husband requested has a shop online with Organic Soap and other items and wanted custom fused glass soap dishes (I’ve made some before but he wanted 10 total one set blue aventurine streaky to go with light colored organic soaps and the other white streaky to go with darker colored organic soaps. So I just finished them up and wanted to show you how pretty the organic soap and fused glass soap dishes are. Each fused glass piece is unique and is not exactly the same, but I was able to make multiple similar of the soap dishes.

My point, besides showing off my new fused glass soap dishes and Dan’s organic soap, is I can create custom fused glass artwork to suit any need from jewelry to home accents. I can also modify a fused glass piece already on one of my sites. For instance, if you see a fused glass pendant you like, but you would like to add a decal, depending on the piece and the decal I can probably do that, it will take a week or so. I can also turn most fused glass earrings into post or dangles. Also if you see a fused glass pendant that you feel is too big, let me know and it may be possible for me to modify it. Obviously, the fee for modifying the fused glass piece depends on what needs to be done.

If there is a fused glass piece you would like custom made please let me know (

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