Custom Fused Glass Small dishes & Stirrers

One of my co-workers asked me to make small fused glass dishes for her family (7 of them) and matching stirrers for Christmas. I love making fused glass stirrers and small dishes, so I didn’t hesitate to make them for her. First, we picked out the colors and then I fused the dishes and stirrers. Below are a couple shots of the kiln with the stirrers and dishes prior to fusing

She also wanted cute sayings on them about coffee or tea, so I created custom screens. I think they turned out really well and I’m very proud of them. I don’t have pictures of me screen printing with enamel because I didn’t want to leave the glass enamels in the screen. The glass below is all screen printed prior to firing and setting the enamel.

Here are 6 of the small dishes screen printed, fired, and then slumped. I think they turned out really great.

The 7th one gave me such a difficult time. First it didn’t want to screen print properly. Notice how all the letters didn’t come through completely. So, I made another one without a screen print but notice the issue on the edge? I didn’t care for either one for her.

So, I gave her several choices as alternates. Some square and some rectangle. No matter which one she chose the stirrer would match. Which one did she choose? The square black, white, and clear dish is the one she chose. In fact, it’s one of my favorite glasses.

Here are the final fused glass dishes and matching stirrers.

I know what you are thinking, did I make extra. YES, I did one “I love you Mom” & stirrer set and “a cup of tea makes everything better” and stirrer set, aren’t they pretty!

I also made extra fused glass stirrers and they really turned out perfectly.

You know what I may do is include stirrers with other small dishes at my next home show. What do you think of that idea? Please let me know if you’d like to purchase any of my extra dishes or stirrers.

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