Custom Fused Glass Lawn Art

Fused Glass Lawn Art
Fused Glass Lawn Art
Fused Glass Lawn Art
Fused Glass Lawn Art
Fused Glass Lawn Art
Fused Glass Lawn Art





Wow this was an interesting Fused Glass project I just finished. It is a decorative fused glass lawn art.

If you didn’t read my August’s Fused Glass Newsletter a little background first: I was at Diane’s house (a good friend and fellow glass artist) and I was looking into her backyard. She had a stunning fused glass lawn art piece in her backyard. Diane and I discussed how she made it and that I was going to make one too.

I was talking to another good friend and she was telling me how much work she was doing on her lawn and how pretty it was going to be. When I told her about the fused glass lawn art Diane had made and mentioned how I wanted to make one too. She said I could make one for her. We discussed colors and that she wanted dragonflies.  So it will hang from a garden pole I added 14 gauge copper wire wrapping and it will hang beautifully.

BTW Diane came to my house this weekend and even helped me with the wire wrapping concept. Great friends are awesome!  Hopefully Marilyn will like this as much as I liked making it.

Let me know if you want a custom decorative fused glass lawn are or anything else you want to challenge me with making.  I love making custom fused glass artwork.

BTW Diane and I worked on something else – wait until next week to see it.

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