Corning Museum from Glass

Entrance to Corning Museum of Glass










As I mentioned in my last blog Pam, Julie, and I met at the Corning Museum of Glass (CMOG). It is a museum dedicated to Glass – all glass including Stain Glass, Fused Glass, Glass Blowing, and Flameworking.

There are several parts of the CMOG. The museum portion of  was pretty cool and had some pretty interesting pieces.















There were also educational portions of the museum. They were pretty fun!















One of my favorite areas was the glass history section. Glass is so amazing and it’s been around so long and it can be used in so many different ways. It’s fascinating what artists did with glass before even knowing about compatibility. I also didn’t realize they made cameo with glass verse porcelain but as the center piece shows it definitely has been.











And of course there was a store. There were some great glass artists showcased in the store, but there was also a lot of glass from China. Which was a tad disappointing when you consider it’s focus is art glass.  Of course one of the great glass artists that were showcased in the CMOG store was Amanda Taylor which is the instructor for our fused glass class in Batavia.

IMG_7474 IMG_7466







There was also a glass blowing demonstration, but I’m going to do a separate blog for my visits to those demonstrations.

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