Cooking Classes

I’ve taken a few cooking classes this year and this month I took three cooking classes. All the classes were at the French Kitchen in Colorado Springs and Kristi.

The first class was a couples class. Dan and I had a blast, we drank wine and made these fantastic shrimp egg rolls. There was so much food. We liked it so much we signed up for another one in January.

The second class I took was with my daughter Sky. We both loved it. It was cookies and they were awesome. Sky was really good and did all the hard work. Matter of fact we are going to make some before she goes back to college.

My third class was Toffee with Lela. I so love toffee. Matter of fact Lela and I are going to make some soon. I already bought the candy thermometer.

I can’t recommend the french kitchen enough, they make cooking so much fun and enjoyable.

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