Clean my Studio or Fuse Glass – Which Did I Chose?

So it’s the first week in April so guess what I’ve been up to?  That’s right taxes. It took a while but I got it done. Matter of fact I even decided not do glass until I got my taxes done. I’m glad it’s done, I’m very happy with myself.
So now what am I up too? Cleaning my studio. It’s such a mess I don’t have a clean flat surface. The problem is I get distracted so easily. Like Saturday I’m cleaning and I decide I should put something in the kiln so I cut some pendants out for my small kiln.  I’m also wanting to make some small fused glass wind-chimes so I cut some up for my medium kiln. But I did clean a little bit!  Sadly today, I did even worse! I filled up all 3 kilns again and just made more of a mess. I so need more days off to get both my glass and my studio done!
BTW these circles were so easy to cut! My new circle cutter is a dream, I just kept cutting circles – probably 30!  Wait until you see what I make out of these little circles.

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Keeping my kiln warm,

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