My Class with the Tapestry Master

Fused Glass Tapestry Technique Wine Stopper
Fused Glass Tapestry Technique Wine Stopper
Fused Glass Tapestry Technique with a Swan Decal
Tapestry Technique with a Swan Decal
Fused Glass Tapestry Technique with a hummingbird  flashlight and necklace
Fused Glass Tapestry Technique with a hummingbird flashlight and necklace









Nope it’s not another blog about Tanya OK a little. In my last blogs I talked (quite lengthy) about the Fused Glass workshop I took from Tanya Veit from AAE. What I didn’t mention is during Extreme Fused 2 one of Tanya’s fused glass techniques she taught us was inspired by what she learned from another world renown glass / sand artist David Alcala. As she taught the class she explained who inspired the fused glass technique and that she had permission to teach her version of the fused glass technique.  During the class Tanya highly encouraged the students to take the class from David the inventor.  So Diane and I (did I tell you she and I have become great friends), took David’s class in Denver.

All I can say is WOW, he is so talented and incredible. He has been a sand artist for over 30 years!  He modified his sand art technique to glass and thank God he did. David’s technique is truly a new dimension to fused glass. To watch him was awe-inspiring.

Quick little story, we practiced with sand and he used white, black and grey – when he finished he poured it out. We all protested loudly – the piece was stunning and it was just black, white, and shades of grey!

Please watch his video I can’t come close to putting his amazing artwork into words. In fact I just bought David’s new DVD – I can’t wait to watch him create again!

Tanya was right it was important to learn David’s technique from David. As with Tanya, David is not only talented but giving and open to sharing his talent with others.  I freely admit I love David’s “Glass Tapestry technique” and I have made a myriad of fused glass pieces using his technique, but David is a world above.  That being said I’m sure you will love the Glass Tapestry Technique.  Of course I am not as good at the scenic pictures as David but I do love how I can create fused glass background pictures that stand alone or look incredible with decals.

On a side note – We told David we took Tanya’s classes and he raved about her and said what great friends they were. Isn’t it amazing how truly talented artist love to collaborate and share!  That being said I don’t “share” the fused glass techniques I learn from David, Tanya, and Anne (because they aren’t mine to share) I just tell people who I learned it from.

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