Celebrating American Craft Week

Handcrafted Fused Glass Night light. This one is white iridized with a screen-printed owl decal. Very beautiful.
Handcrafted Fused Glass Night light.
Shades of Blue Fused Glass Organic Bowl
Shades of Blue Fused Glass Organic Bowl
Small fused glass pendant with a fairy decal fused on to a white base.
Small fused glass pendant with a fairy decal.
Fused Glass Celtic Tree of Life Pendant
Fused Glass Celtic Tree of Life Pendant







For those of you who read my Fused Glass newsletters and blogs on a regular basis not I love to learn. To further enhance my knowledge I recently started getting “Craft Report Magazine”. There are some really amazing and diverse artists in America. In the November 2013 edition of “Craft Report Magazine” there was an article regarding “Saluting American Craft Week”.

I handcraft beautiful fused glass jewelry, home accents, etc., now  albeit, I love crafts and have been involved in various arts and crafts all my life. I remember making ceramics with my mom when I was young. My mom use to make our clothes and my grandma made us all quilts (sadly, I do not still have it). Handcrafted artwork has always been a part of my life. That being said I did not know that there was a week celebrating American crafts.

According to the article, this year’s celebration is from the 4th to the 13th of October. It is the 4th year celebrating American Crafts with over 34 states (including the District of Columbia) participating. The article was very informative giving the whys and how it got started. It also highlighted some of the artist participating.

The celebration also wants to emphasize in this day in age of high tech mass produced imports America’s arts and crafts industry is important to America’s economy (from the artist, to retailers, and suppliers). It also stated how large companies spend tons of money on advertising but crafters fight for funds for raw materials. On a personal note, it’s very true as an artist the money I make from my fused glass are does not cover the raw materials, time, etc., yet. I am hoping it will soon. America has always had crafters to make items whether functional, beautiful or both and it is about time we recognize and celebrate American artisans and crafters.

Check out the American Craft Week website and see if there is a function close to you. If not with the Christmas season coming soon try to visit an arts and crafts show. Remember that handcrafted items never go out of style. Handmade items whether its fused glass, candles, soaps, etc., show people you really care and it helps Artisans who want to share their artwork.

*If you just cannot find a local artist to buy that special gift from, feel free to check out  all my sites, Fused Glass by Karen, My Etsy store, my Art fire Store, my Pinterest, and my YouTube Channel.   🙂 Sorry just could not help myself.


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