Casting glass at Bullseye Factory in Portland

So while I was at the bullseye factory in Portland we got the once in a lifetime opportunity to cast / make our own glass! I’ve done a lot of fun things with glass but this was the most fun and exciting thing I’ve ever done. It was also a little scary because I’m clumsy and there were so many opportunities to screw up!

So we went in alphabetical order so Dana went 1st. We were making silver and white cascade pieces. But the second person, “El” asked if we had to follow the rules as far as making a cascade piece and the young man helping us said “well” and that’s all it took. None of us really followed the rule from then on. We made some beautiful pieces. Here are some action shots of me casting my beautiful glass.

Casting glass
I’m dipping the Ladle into the hot molten glass.
casting glass
I’ve got the glass now a guy is going to take off anything that’s dripping
casting glass
I’m heading over to the roller
casting glass
I’m at the roller about to pour
karen casting glass
this one is of me pouring the hot glass onto the roller
casting glass
putting the ladle in the water to cool
casting glass
high 5’s to the ladies – so freaking cool














WOW what fun that was and so scary for me.

First of all that fire is HOT, HOT, Damn Hot! In fact 3 people got burned 2 on their fingers through the glove. One on her upper arm, like a bad sunburn.

Second that ladle is heavy probably 10 – 15 lbs plus that heavy glass, notice the look on my face? That’s because it’s heavy!

Third when I got over to the roller the guys don’t rest it anywhere but we had a tiny spot to rest the ladle, I didn’t get it quite right so the young man helped me a little.



casting glass
see his arm?







Just a quick shout out to all the guys that make bullseye’s handmade glass. Awesome job, ya’ll are truly amazing for dealing with such hot heavy glass. Thank you for your patience and kindness while our group was there visiting Bullseye at Portland.

Man that was exciting.  What made it even better is we got to make 2 pieces of glass. I so enjoyed both times.

casting glass
my 2 beautiful pieces of casted glass







Julie had a fabulous idea to make a sculpture piece from our glass for ourselves. I love that idea because I just really want to keep the majorly of the glass for myself!

Such a fabulous, amazing,  wonderful, magnificent, outstanding time creating glass at the Bullseye Factory.

If you love glass and you want to see how fantastic these people are because they are hand-making glass check Bullseye out when you go to Portland, Oregon.

Thanks again to everyone that helped us while we were there, especially Amy, Louise, Bonnie, and all the guys on the factory floor!

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