Busy with Learning New Techniques i.e., Fused Glass and Metal Clay

Fused Glass Frit Mountain Painting
Fused Glass Frit Mountain Painting from my class with Anne Nye
Silver Art Clay Pendant - Obsidian Snowflake
Silver Art Clay Pendant – Obsidian Snowflake







I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a few weeks, but I have been CRAZY busy!First the fun stuff! I have taken 3 different classes in the last two weekends. I’ll blog about them soon, but just to give you a taste. The first class was with Anne Nye up in Ft Collins with a wonderful friend of mine (Diane). All I can say is you will love what I learned from Anne and how I’m going to incorporate her Fused Glass techniques into my Fused Glass  art work.  I can’t wait to tell you about this class – Anne is a Fuse Glass Master and I am truly grateful for what I learned from her. (the mountain picture above is my first try)

The classes I took this weekend were with Dana Lea Peters – she is a Art Clay Master. Dana is fabulous, she is such a giving teacher!  When you see what I’m going to do with the knowledge that Dana gave me you will be happy I was learning and not blogging. (The pendant above is what I made in class – not perfect but not bad for my first one!)

I’ve also been busy making custom pieces including several pairs of fused glass earrings, fused glass purse holder, and and business card holder.
(Sorry no pictures, I always get so excited to make custom fused glass artwork I give them without taking pictures.)

BTW did you see my new fused glass platter – it’s an advance crackle technique that I learned from the great Tanya Veit. I’ve already written the blog about Tanya, albeit, I’m going to
have to cut it down because it’s too long OR maybe I’ll just make the blog into two blogs. 🙂

Anyway, I’ve got another class this weekend with the Master Metalsmith Artist, Lexi Erickson. I’ve never done metalsmithing, but Lexi is world renown so I’m pretty excited!

Of course I’ve also been busy with not so fun stuff including work, project management class, and housework. Why can’t it all be fun art classes!

I can’t wait to put some of my new found knowledge i.e., Metal Clay, Metalsmith, and frit painting into my fused glass art!

Don’t give up on me, I’ll get it done – it may just take me a bit of time.

I’m also working on another video. DECALs: Color, Screen Printed, Enamel, and Ceramic.


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