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Last time I blogged a little about how my trip to see my son and daughter-in-law was also a ploy to go to the Bullseye factory in Portland and how great the tour of the factory was with Devon. Well I also went into the resource center that was connected to the factory and yes I did some shopping. Not as much as I would like because we were flying. Trust me if we were driving it would have been really tough. But I was able to get some colors that I can’t get in Colorado like Dense White, I also got some other things that I haven’t seen anywhere else like Clean Shield Gel which according to Bullseye product use article, “brings out luster and gives dry, matte surfaces the sealed appearance of a low-temperature firepolish”. I also bought some beautiful little murrine e.g., owls, flowers, dragonflies, etc.

While I was there I also got to look at some of the pieces from Bullseye videos like the Day of the Dead Skulls made from Pâte de Verre. I was shocked at how delicate they looked but how strong they were. I’ve never done Pâte de Verre but I’d like to. They also had bowls made with the technique.

Even though the tour, shopping and quick peak walking around the examples from the classes. It was a wonderful trip to the Bullseye Factory and Resource Center in Portland. So much so I got to go to the Gallery too. Yep that’s for another blog!

If you ever get to Oregon I highly recommend stopping by the resource center, the people were wonderful and the selection is grand.  Devon even explained about “curious glass” and how if your distributor doesn’t carry what you need you can ask your sales rep to send it to them with your name on it. Pretty cool huh. Bullseye really knows how to treat their customers.

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BTW if you would like to learn more about Bullseye glass click the link below.

Bullseye Kiln-glass Education Online

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