Bullseye Resource Center Bay Area Emeryville, California

Emeryville, California
Exhibit in the Bullseye Resource Center – Bay Area


Emeryville, California
Just one view of the Bullseye Resource Center – Bay Area
Emeryville California
The Bullseye Bay Area – Coldworking room












Bullseye Resource Center Bay Area Emeryville, California

For those of you who follow my fused glass blog, know that my trip to Oregon and California was about seeing my amazing son and beautiful daughter-in-law. That being said I was able to incorporate my love of glass into the trip as well. I wrote blogs about the bullseye factory, resource center, and gallery in Portland, Oregon. Additionally, I was able to go to the Bullseye Resource Center in Emeryville in California (San Francisco Bay Area).

First it’s only about 4 miles from my son and daughter-in-law which was really convenient. Sadly I didn’t time it right for a class but I enjoyed it immensely. The Bay Area Bullseye Gallery presented “Departures, a solo exhibition of works created by artist Anna Mlasowsky”. I liked several of the displays, it was something I’d never seen before, extremely unique.

In addition to the gallery section of the Bay Area Resource center they also had a huge class room area, a kiln room, and a cold working room that most fused glass artist would die for (it even had a lathe). I know I said it before but, I so wish I would have scheduled my visit around a class! I even got to see the casting area with the wax and casting molds of the skulls in addition to several beautiful examples of the Pâte de Verre (paste of glass in French) day of the dead skulls.

In addition, to the wonderful fused glass class room and work areas the resource area was quite large. Since I’d been to the Portland store I was expecting this one to be small and to be honest not very impressive and I was WRONG. Just like the Portland resource center the Bay Area had class and video examples and they also had printed quick tip handouts, next to the examples and sometimes they even had the supplies right there as well. Makes it very easy to pick up a couple of items need for specific products. Note: I’ll be doing a blog regarding some of the resources bullseye provides.

The ladies were also very helpful as well. I had a couple of questions and they had all the answers. Specifically the Clean Shield Gel, she showed me how to apply it and how it looked afterwards! Very nice!

Just like with the Portland resource center if you get a chance to visit the Bay Area Bullseye resource center by all means do so. What a fun trip for me! Of course I had to pack up all my goodies because there is no room in my suitcase (18 pounds)!

My family and I are talked about coming out for another visit in a couple of years and I am planning of arranging the visit around a fused glass class! But don’t tell my husband – it will just be an amazing coincidence!

Keeping my Kiln warm,



BTW if you’d like to learn more about Bullseye Glass click the link below.

Bullseye Kiln-glass Education Online

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