Bullseye Gallery – Portland Oregon

Bullseye Gallery - Portland Oregon
A beautiful bamboo and glass piece by Charissa Brock
Bullseye Gallery - Portland Oregon
Lovely fused glass pieces by Martha Pfanschmidt










Recently I blogged about the Bullseye Factory tour, the Bullseye Resource Center and now I’ll blog about the Bullseye Gallery (all in Portland Oregon). After breakfast we drove downtown Portland and stopped by a waterfront park. So pretty in the morning sun. Then we went to the visitor center where the lady was so very helpful. Since parking was such a pain and kind of expensive we walked to the Bullseye Gallery, it was a relatively nice walk and well worth it for me. The two main glass exhibits were “Of Earth and Sky” by Charissa Brock and Martha Pfanschmidt. Both were fabulous. Charissa created the magnificent pieces merging bamboo and fused glass together. Martha created stunning fused glass powder pieces. I stared at each as long as I my husband and daughter would allow. Luckily for me the curator let me take pictures so I could enjoy them a little longer. To see a snippet of the fused glass pieces check out this video.

I must tell you I thought about the fused glass pieces for most of the day. They were truly beautiful. I’ve also looked at the pictures several times.

I just love fused glass and seeing these wonderful artist inspires me even more!  If you are ever in Portland I highly recommend stopping by the Bullseye Gallery to see their glass exhibits.

Keeping my Kiln warm,


BTW if you’d like to learn more about Bullseye glass click the link below

Bullseye Kiln-glass Education Online

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